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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The truth

Before N After -ISLAM
I see now my quest in life had been in vain.
I desired pleasure and material gain.
For those around me, my goals where plain,
I tried to achieve them all without regard to pain.
I wanted the glitter and glamour this world provides.
I couldn't see the treasures that all this hide.
My 'Quest for wealth' - could never buy what I needed most.
My 'Search for fame' - was like trying to catch a ghost.
But when my prayers were for 'Guidance' from the 'One Above'.
I found success in 'Total Submission' to the Will of Him -- in Love.
I found all the riches, glory and happiness that one might require,
But most of all I discovered my real heart's desire.
I found the which is the secret of Life's Lease,
I found the One Who Gave all, when He gave me PEACE.
It finally came after all those years of trouble and strife
That to do "ISLAM" is the PURPOSE OF LIFE.
-poem by Sheikh Yusuf Estes-

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